Friday, January 22

Go heavy on the ball over the shoulder today, but not so heavy that it will take 10 minutes to do 50 reps. Think about 15 reps per minute. Share if needed.

Thursday, January 21

Banded deadlifts - something new and different today. Watch the video as to how you will perform this lift.

Wednesday, January 20

PRE HAB - Prehab is the word I was searching for....Watch the video for a demo of the banded pull aparts we have in the warm up. Also the intent of a pull apart. Do [...]

Tuesday, January 19

Don't just automatically say you CAN'T do the lunges at 50% of your 1RM. You CAN! I know you can. Challenge yourself. The only way to get better to to challenge yourself and push yourself. [...]

Monday, January 18

I'll miss you all this week! Have fun without me! Today's video I demo the bar hang and the intent of the stretch. I also talk about the EMOM and some options you have to [...]

Friday, January 15

The dreaded reverse 21-15-9 today....9-15-21 with some heavy hang power snatch and pull ups.

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