Friday, November 20

Zercher squats, something different - see below for a good video on Zercher squats.

Thursday, November 19

Should be a fun day, I think. Some abs and hang power cleans after some solid back work.

Wednesday, November 18

Next week: 5:30 and 6:30 classes are cancelled next Wednesday before Thanksgiving Only 9am classes on Thanksgiving day and the day after Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 17

20 rep back squat - weightlifters version of a half marathon

Monday, November 16

December 5th - WOD for Toys charity event at the gym. More details to come. CrossFit Kids this week: High School weightlifting - Monday and Friday at 7am Middle School - Monday and Wednesday at [...]

Friday, November 13

Break in the new stones today! Two new stones to give options between the 115# and 165# stones. Pick a weight and see how fast you can pick it up and put it over your [...]

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