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Tuesday Mar 5,2019

Isiah & Darci & Michael Ba
Welcome Isiah & Michael Ba

Pull and push...with puke in between

Warm up - trainer's choice

Strength pt1
Int1: 20 band pull downs - make them tough
Int2: 10 single arm bent over rows - heavy

Metcon - aka 'hell'
Tabata Air bike cal

Strength pt2
Int1: 10 bench press
Int2: 10 DB shoulder press

0% 0%
1st56.6 Liz Tue,Mar 5,2019
2nd56.5 Veronica Tue,Mar 5,2019
3rd50.4 Erin W Tue,Mar 5,2019
1st90.2 Travis Tue,Mar 5,2019
2nd71.7 Chris G Tue,Mar 5,2019
3rd71.1 Jon H Tue,Mar 5,2019

RonRx I forgot to see how many calories, but I didn't puke.
Eli58.4 Rx
Tabitha44.3 Rx
Michael Ba54.8 Rx
Steph48.8 Rx
Darci45.2 Rx
Travis90.2 Rx
Susanne40.1 Rx #45/40 rows, #65/55 BP, #15SP
Jordan We62.7 Rx
Derek57.4 Rx
JP69.8 Rx F that
Chris G71.7 Rx
Jon H71.1 Rx
Joe Z70.8 Rx
Shannon44.5 Rx
Erin W50.4 Rx
Veronica56.5 Rx
Liz56.6 Rx
Jeff G65.2 Rx
Lindsay H46.8 Rx
Whitney42 Rx
Brandon K67 Rx
John W67 Rx
Kyle52.2 Rx
Isiah54 Rx
Gene55.1 Rx
TJ49.1 Rx
Dan B57.7 Rx
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