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Saturday Mar 2,2019

Gymversary Lisa-6

I'll do the math - it's 220 reps total. Each.

Warm up - circle of love

In teams of 2
Each person does all the reps in the 10-1.
10-1 of:
Deadlift (185/125)
Burpees over the bar
Power snatch (95/65)
Evil wheels

Partner A could do 10 deadlift, then partner B do 10 deadlift. Then move onto the burpees.
Or Partner A could do the 10 deadlift and 10 burpees, then partner B do 10 and 10.  
Break it up however you want, but each partner has to do all the reps, 10-1, of each of the 4 movements.

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1st43:51Susanne Sat,Mar 2,2019
1st21:19 Travis Sat,Mar 2,2019

Susanne43:51  At home with Chris (bar dips, no snatch)
Travis21:19 Rx With Sean
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