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Monday Feb 25,2019

MEM 2/25

Warm up - trainer's choice

5 rounds
1 min pull ups
1 min box jump on and overs (24/20)
1 min single arm DB OHS (40/20)
1 min double unders
1 min wall ball (14/10 to 10/9)
1 min rest

0% 0%
1st746 Jodi Mon,Feb 25,2019
2nd579 Angie Mon,Feb 25,2019
3rd536 Tabitha Mon,Feb 25,2019
1st392 Jeff G Mon,Feb 25,2019
2nd738Jimmy Mon,Feb 25,2019
3rd584Ron Mon,Feb 25,2019

Tammy710  Singles bands not rx
Ron584  OH lunge instead of squat
Steve S268  Not Rx
Jimmy738  Jpu, su, 35#
Dan B243  20#
Tabitha536 Rx
Susanne394 Rx Only counted my successful DUs
Steph499 Rx
Laine408  Banded pu
Suzi731  Not Rx
Jodi746 Rx
Chris G323  Not Rx
Jeff G392 Rx
Angie579 Rx
Brandon K402  Not Rx
Hannah456  Not Rx
Ryan F304  Not Rx
Nick V371  Not Rx
Thomas W333  Not Rx
Derek477  Not Rx
Erin W315 Rx
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