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Friday Feb 8,2019

Welcome Liz
200 skwatsOther Posted Results

200 skwats

Warm up - trainer's choice

1 min plank immediately into
Tabata sit ups
1 min plank

100 back squat (95/65 - no bailing weight for anyone)
100 back squat (45/35)
Every minute do, including at start
RX: 5 box jumps (24/20) - BE CAREFUL!!
RX2: 6 step ups total, 3 per leg (20 inch for all)

Cool down
1 min couch stretch per leg
1 min spiderman lunge per leg

0% 0%
1st10:59 Janet Fri,Feb 8,2019
2nd13:47 Amanda Z Fri,Feb 8,2019
3rd15:02 Susanne Fri,Feb 8,2019
1st11:30 Thomas G Fri,Feb 8,2019
2nd12:58 Joe M Fri,Feb 8,2019
3rd14:54 TJ Fri,Feb 8,2019

Travis15:47 Rx
Ron15:49 Rx
Jimmy22:52 Rx
Ivan23:43  Not Rx
Janet10:59 Rx
TJ14:54 Rx
Susanne15:02 Rx
Liz14:36  not Rx
Joe Z20:50 Rx
Jason15:43  Not Rx
Dawn M15:45  35,air squats step ups
Isaac18:00  75 step up air squats
Amanda Z13:47 Rx
Erin W18:44 Rx2
Chris G22:15 Rx
Wayne16:50 Rx
Joe M12:58 Rx
Thomas G11:30 Rx
Lindsay H13:45 Rx2 Rx weightbut eff box jumps
Macy21:?  55lbs step ups
Thomas W22:53  Rx and step ups
Sarah K13:56  55#, step ups
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