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Most Recent Benchmark was ISABEL on Apr 19,2019 (3 days ago)

Monday Feb 4,2019

Happy Birthday Isaac


Warm up - trainer's choice

Int1: 10 shoulder taps
Int2: 10 hip touches
Int3: 10 hollow to superman transitions
Int4: 10 bent over rows (heavy)

1 strict pull ups, 2 push ups, 3 squats
2 strict pull ups, 4 push ups, 6 squats
3 strict pull ups, 6 push ups, 9 squats
4 strict pull ups, 8 push ups, 12 squats

0% 0%
1st274 Susanne Mon,Feb 4,2019
2nd270 Janet Mon,Feb 4,2019
3rd220 Steph Mon,Feb 4,2019
1st338 Travis Mon,Feb 4,2019
2nd278 Joe M Mon,Feb 4,2019
3rd272 Jordan Wa Mon,Feb 4,2019

Jordan Wa272 Rx
Alison93  Squat to a 20 inch box
Dan B222  Some banded Pull ups
Travis338 Rx
Joe Z221 Rx
Tabitha219 Rx
Jeff G220 Rx
Steph220 Rx
Laine133  Banded
Susanne274 Rx
Ron263 Rx
Dawn M208  Bands
Jason232  4 rnds rx
JJ275  5rnds rx
Nicole W173  Bands
Chris G209  7+41. Purple band
Joe M278 Rx
Erin W216  Half band
Jordan We172  Band blac
Danit180  Band
Macy192  Not Rx
Thomas W181  Pgb bands
Janet270 Rx
Gene218  banded pu
Jon H223  Green band Pull-ups starting in 3rd rd
Jon A129  Banded pu purple green
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