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Friday Feb 1,2019

Gymversary Josh H-2

The AMRAP5 strict pull ups returns

Warm up - trainer's choice

AMRAP5 - strict pull ups

5 rounds
20 pistols (10 per leg)
10 T2B

0% 0%
1st17:13 Steph Fri,Feb 1,2019
2nd18:30 Tabitha Fri,Feb 1,2019
3rd11:06Tammy Fri,Feb 1,2019
1st10:11 Sean Fri,Feb 1,2019
2nd17:50 Jordan Wa Fri,Feb 1,2019
3rd12:54Jeff G Fri,Feb 1,2019

Tammy11:06  Box
Sean10:11 Rx
Jordan Wa17:50 Rx
Nicole W12:19  Box hspu, box pistols, candlestick
Sarah K13:53  Box hspu, knee up
Dawn M12:07  Box Hspu, box pistols, candlesticks
Ron15:33  Hspu on box, pistols to 12 inch box
Dan O13:15  HSPUs to abmat, pistols to box
Alison13:20  HSPU on box, squats to box, candlesticks
Summer14:41  Scale all
Kirstin12:42  Scaled a lot
Dan B14:31  Hspu on box. Pistols to box. Some t2b
Tabitha18:30 Rx
Steph17:13 Rx
Jeff G12:54  1 abmat hspu, pistols to box
Joe Z15:25  3 abmat hspu, pistol with band
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