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Tuesday Jan 29,2019

12/26 redux

Warm up - trainer's choice

10 min to warm up to deadlift weight

5 deadlift (RX:315/225,  RX2 225/155, RX3: 155/105)
10 burpees over the bar
20 double unders (RX3: 10 double under attempts - solid attempts)

rest 5 min

10 deadlift (RX: 225/155, RX2: 155/105, RX3: 135/95)
20 burpees over the bar
40 double unders (RX3: 20 double under attempts - solid attempts)

0% 0%
1st263 Lindsay H Tue,Jan 29,2019
2nd460 2Rachael Tue,Jan 29,2019
3rd438 2Katrisha Tue,Jan 29,2019
1st391 Joe M Tue,Jan 29,2019
2nd385 Travis Tue,Jan 29,2019
3rd323 TJ Tue,Jan 29,2019

Sean320 Rx
Ethan285 Rx3 Rx weight
Amanda Z394 Rx2 175/125
Jordan Wa282 Rx2
Jenna273  Not Rx
Brandon K263  Not Rx
Laine283 Rx3
Dan O232 Rx3 Rx weight
Rachael460 Rx2
Brooke308 Rx2
Ron295 Rx
Jimmy170 Rx3
Dan B195 Rx3
Kyle309 Rx2
Alison132  RX3 except stepped over the bar
Travis385 Rx
Steph351 Rx2
Susanne280 Rx3
Joe Z231 Rx3
Lindsay H263 Rx
Hannah313 Rx2
Darci195 Rx3
Melissa S240 Rx3 135/95
Gene286  175/135, bar step over, plate hops
Katrisha438 Rx2
Joe M391 Rx
TJ323 Rx
Angie300 Rx2
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