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Monday Jan 28,2019


Must be performed in order. Cannot break up.
100 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Body Weight Squats

Please post your time as MM:SS.  Post any modifications in the ''Why not Rx'' section.

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Janet17:24 Rx 1st
Erin M22:10  18th Bands
Ron21:28 Rx
Laine25:27  23rd Not Rx
Diana25:02  22nd Not Rx
Jordan Wa23:23 Rx 7th
Nicole W28:24  29th 2 grn bnd, worm pu
John K28:36 Rx 11th
Sarah K25:51  24th Banded pull-up, worm pu
Dana25:59  25th 2 gr 1p bands
Alison37:09  50 pu/50 ring rows, squat to box
Dan O23:01 Rx 5th
Josh H23:12 Rx 6th
TJ13:55 Rx 1st
Travis17:38 Rx 3rd
Tabitha21:34 Rx 5th
Elizabeth21:07  16th Jumping pu, knee push ups
Steph27:30 Rx 12th
Susanne26:46 Rx 11th
Mada26:05 Rx 10th
Jason27:44  16th Not Rx
Melissa S21:17  17th Jumping pull ups
Katrisha22:00 Rx 7th
Suzi19:51  Not Rx
Brandon R25:44  15th Not Rx
Nick V24:58  13th Not Rx
Jon H28:20 Rx 10th
Joe M17:26 Rx 2nd
Lindsay H23:38  20th Not Rx
Isaac25:39  14th Not Rx
Erin W24:46  21st Not Rx
JP25:46 Rx 8th
Results Posted: 32
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