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Tuesday Jan 8,2019

Welcome Dawn M & James B

Can you get it done in 5 min?

Warm up - trainer's choice

Please no dropping the barbells from overhead. It's a super light weight, control it to the ground. Save the 10s and 15s. If you drop from overhead you must stop and do 4 burpees over the bar.  

You have 5 minutes to complete
Cal on rower (ladies 18-12-6 cal)
Wall ball (20/14)

Rest 5 min

5 min to complete
Cal on bike (ladies 18-12-6)
Power snatch (75/55)

Rest 5 min

5 min to complete
Power snatch (75/55)
Wall ball

When the trainer starts the clock you have 5 minutes to finish the first 21-15-9. If you finish before 5 minutes you get extra rest. The class will rest together from 5-10 minutes. At 10 min you have 5 min to complete second 21-15-9, etc, etc.

If there are more than 8 people in class start 1 group and when they get their first 5 min rest the 2nd group starts.

Go in order, start with the rowing 21-15-9

No score today, just enter if you finished 1, 2 or all 3 of the 21-15-9 metcons in less than 5 minutes. Notate which ones you completed.

0% 0%
1stNo x 3 = BOO Susanne Tue,Jan 8,2019
1stRnd1 yep, rnd2 nope, rnd3 hells nope Travis Tue,Jan 8,2019

Erin MYes,no,no  Not Rx
TammyNo,no,no  Not Rx
Thomas GYes,yes,yes Rx
Jordan WaYes,no,no Rx
Dan ONo,no,no Rx
TravisRnd1 yep, rnd2 nope, rnd3 hells nope Rx
EstebanYes, no, no Rx Rx
RonYes,no,no Rx
RachaelYes,no,yes Rx
JanetYes, no, yes Rx
Dan BNo. No. No.  Not Rx
AlisonNo, no, yes  Not rx
ToriYes. No. Yes. Rx
SusanneNo x 3 = BOO Rx
Chris GNo, no, no Rx
Jon HYes, no, no Rx 7 reps into snatches on rd of 15; 11 into snatches on round of 15
Joe MYes, no, but close, no Rx
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