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Saturday Jan 5,2019

Happy Birthday Chris T
Gymversary Tabitha-2
Welcome Jeff G

Partner Fun

Warmup - Trainers choice

AMRAP30 - with a partner - only one person working at a time
50 burpees (to target 6in above reach for RX, no target RX2)
50 squats
50 situps
50 box step ups (50/30: RX, 40/20: RX2 DB per hand)
All reps are combined, break it up anyway you want.

0% 0%
1st602 2Brooke Sat,Jan 5,2019
2nd575Alyssa Sat,Jan 5,2019
Darcy Sat,Jan 5,2019
1st761 Ron Sat,Jan 5,2019
Travis Sat,Jan 5,2019
2nd650 2Ethan Sat,Jan 5,2019
3rd642 2Joe M Sat,Jan 5,2019

Travis761 Rx With ron
Ethan650 Rx2 With Amanda
John K640 Rx2 W/ Ken
Ron761 Rx With Travis
Jon H631 Rx2 50# stepups
Brooke602 Rx2 W/ren
Ren602 Rx2 W/brooke
Darcy575  W alyssa
Joe M642 Rx2 W/ lindsey
Alyssa575  W/darcy
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