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Thursday Jan 3,2019

Gymversary Kyle-2

9 minutes of handstand holding

Warm up - trainer's choice

Metcon (25 min cap)  
9 rounds for time
1 minute handstand hold on wall
30 air squats
RX: no more than 2 attempts to accumulate 1 min
RX2: no more than 3 attempts to accumulate 1 min

Extra credit
AMRAP5 - strict pull ups

0% 0%
1st14:57 Angie Thu,Jan 3,2019
2nd16:12 Janet Thu,Jan 3,2019
3rd19:41 Susanne Thu,Jan 3,2019
1st19:58 Jordan Wa Thu,Jan 3,2019
2nd21:59 Joe M Thu,Jan 3,2019
3rd25:00 Esteban Thu,Jan 3,2019

Jordan Wa19:58 Rx
Esteban25:00 Rx 25 strict
Alison19:46  Handstand holds rx, squats were not
Brooke19:43 Rx No extra credit
Travis25:00 Rx2 7 rnds, 47 pullups
Steph22:44 Rx
Susanne19:41 Rx
Dan B25:00 Rx2 7 rds
Joe Z25:00 Rx2 6 rnds + hs and 17 sq, 33 pullups
Devin25:00 Rx2 7rounds
Rebecca18:44 Rx 16 pullups
Ken18:54 Rx 20 pull ups
Melissa S23:14 Rx
Tammy25:00  7 rounds 2rd plank
John K25:00  7 rds+5, 26 pull ups
Lindsay H21:57  Scale AF
JP21:15  Dropped 3 on last
Danit18:25  Planks
Stephen21:15  3RX, 3HALF, 3PLANKS
Janet16:12 Rx 23 strict pullups
Ron7+27 Rx2
JJ18:00 Rx2 Walk ups 17 strictpullups
Joe M21:59 Rx 40 pu
Angie14:57 Rx
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