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Wednesday Jan 2,2019

Sprint to the DL

Warm up - trainer's choice

Strength (15 minutes)
Find a heavy set of 10 deadlift using a 'fat' bar - girls can use guy bars and guys use the fatter power lifting bars.
Oh, and double overhand grip is also a requirement. Partner up, you probably won't get too heavy.

5 2 minute rounds
20/15 cal row
Max deadlift in remaining time (135/95)
Rest 2 min between rounds

0% 0%
1st163 Janet Wed,Jan 2,2019
2nd132 Jodi Wed,Jan 2,2019
3rd126 Katrisha Wed,Jan 2,2019
1st153 Joe M Wed,Jan 2,2019
2nd128 Jon H Wed,Jan 2,2019
3rd114 TJ Wed,Jan 2,2019

Erin M88 Rx 145# dl
Jordan Wa66 Rx
Paul88 Rx 225 dl
Nicole W26 Rx 95#
Ron108 Rx
Kirstin106 Rx
Steve S66 Rx
Alison66 Rx
Esteban91 Rx
Dan O62 Rx
Jodi132 Rx
Katrisha126 Rx
Susanne83 Rx
Steph99 Rx
Amanda Z105 Rx
Hannah97 Rx
Ryan F81 Rx
Joe Z96 Rx
TJ114 Rx
Brooke92 Rx
Traci72 Rx 165# dl
Tammy68 Rx 155#dl
Jon H128 Rx 255# dl
Katie92 Rx 125# dl
Isaac62 Rx
Devin104 Rx
Wayne113 Rx
Stephen86 Rx
Tristan72 Rx Sumodl
Erin W79 Rx
JJ110 Rx
Janet163 Rx
Danit82  75#
JP72 Rx
Lindsay H78  95
Joe M153 Rx
Matt F64 Rx
Gene51 Rx
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