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Thursday Nov 8,2018

Pet med ball

Warm up - trainer's choice


Wall ball (20/14 to 10/9 target)
deadlift (135/95)
Med ball clean (20/14)
SDHP (95/65)
Snatch (75/55)
Wall walks

0% 0%
1st19:17 Janet Thu,Nov 8,2018
2nd24:27 Amanda Z Thu,Nov 8,2018
3rd25:05Tristan Thu,Nov 8,2018
1st20:53 Joe M Thu,Nov 8,2018
2nd34:34 Esteban Thu,Nov 8,2018
3rd35:00 Nathan U Thu,Nov 8,2018

Erin M30:20  Not Rx
Diana35:00  Cap
Jordan Wa35:00  Cap
Nicole W35:00  Cap
Sarah K34:46  Not Rx
Paul34:40  Not Rx
Shane31:18  Not Rx
Dara35:00  Cap
Kyle35:00  Cap
Mada35:00  Cap
Nathan U35:00 Rx Cap
Cynthia N25:50 Rx
Alison29:58  No squatting
Dan BDnf  Not Rx
Tony C35:00  Cap
Esteban34:34 Rx
Kirstin34:30  Not Rx
SusanneCap Rx Last set of 3 snatch/ww
Amanda Z24:27 Rx
Tristan25:05  Scales and subs EVERYWHERE
Lauren18:47 Rx
Joe M20:53 Rx
Janet19:17 Rx
Brian B26:30  Mod
Ron32:22  Power snatch. Performed at Warrior Fitness Center Nellis AFT
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