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Monday Oct 29,2018

Melissa S

Grim Reaper

Warm up - trainer's choice

Pregame: tabata double unders

4 rounds
25 cal row
25 burpees

Score today is time it takes to complete the metcon. In the notes you can record your total number of DUBs completed during the Tabata.

0% 0%
1st14:10 Janet Mon,Oct 29,2018
2nd14:19 Tori Mon,Oct 29,2018
3rd14:43 Jodi Mon,Oct 29,2018
1st11:02 Thomas G Mon,Oct 29,2018
2nd12:55 Joe M Mon,Oct 29,2018
3rd13:01 Travis Mon,Oct 29,2018

Joe M12:55 Rx 229
Erin M19:40 Rx
Jordan Wa17:32 Rx
Tammy24:14 Rx
Janet14:10 Rx
Cynthia N16:35 Rx
Rachael16:52 Rx
Steph18:59 Rx
Melissa C19:56 Rx Not Rx
Heather29:44 Rx
Dan B18:09 Rx
Alison18:37 Rx
Jodi14:43 Rx
Joe Z16:43 Rx
Travis13:01 Rx 233 (missed a round due to shoe malfunction)
Susanne20:20 Rx With Amy
Ron15:35 Rx 222. This WOD felt way worse than it should have. Performed at Warrior Fitness Center, Nellis AFB, Las Vegas Nevada
Hannah21:17 Rx 133
Ken19:30 Rx
Ryan F21:28 Rx
Katie21:43 Rx 100 DU
Eric K25:40 Rx
Paul19:15 Rx 119 DU
Chris G14:50 Rx
Tori14:19 Rx
Thomas G11:02 Rx
Zachary18:17 Rx
Lindsay H18:40 Rx
Melissa S17:22 Rx
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