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Wednesday Sep 12,2018

GHDs AND hollow holds? Abs?

Warm up - trainer's choice

3x10 (10 per leg) reverse lunge off of a 45# plate
Stand with both feet on plate and a bar with weight on your back. Step backwards off of the plate, touch your knee to the ground and explode off that front foot bringing your rear foot back to the plate. Repeat for a total of 10 reps, per leg. Do this 3 times and try to increase weight each time. Last set of 10 should be challenging.

3 rounds

20 pistols (10 per leg)
20 GHD
20 second hollow hold

20 pistols to a box
20 ab mat sit ups
20 second plank

0% 0%
1st5:48 Janet Wed,Sep 12,2018
2nd6:25 Angie Wed,Sep 12,2018
3rd4:46 2Alison Wed,Sep 12,2018
1st7:33 TJ Wed,Sep 12,2018
2nd9:43 Ron Wed,Sep 12,2018
3rd10:21 Travis Wed,Sep 12,2018

Sean10:55 Rx 145#
Tammy9:02  Bench pistols
Travis10:21 Rx
TJ7:33 Rx
Angie6:25 Rx
Amy Lan8:50 Rx2
Jon L12:21 Rx2
Alison4:46 Rx2
Ron9:43 Rx 145#
Joe Z8:40 Rx2
Tabitha14:10  Some pistols, some wannabe pistols
Susanne11:55 Rx2 #110 3rd set of reverse lunges
Traci8:58 Rx2
Janet5:48 Rx
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