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Tuesday Sep 11,2018

9.11 remembrance

2001m run* or row (If you are able to run, run both)
11 box jumps (36/24)
11 thrusters (125/95)
11 burpee chest to bar pullups
11 power cleans (175/125)
11 handstand pushups
11 KBS (70/55)
11 toes to bar
11 deadlift (175/125)
11 push jerk (110/75)
2001m run* or row

2001 = year of the 9/11 attacks
9 movements of 11 reps = 9/11
125# thruster = 125 people killed at the Pentagon
175# power clean = AA Flight 175
170# deadlift = flight 77 and 93 combined (we rounded up due to space/bars/weight)
110# push jerk = number of floors in each tower of the World Trade Center

*Run down 'driveway' and around dinomart, then run the mile loop and finish by going around dinomart a 2nd time. According to Google this is approximately 1.2 miles

**Note if you did run or row for beginning and end in comments

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TodayAll Time

Sean35:00  12th 3 Bj, skipped rest and limped rest
John K41:15  16th Not rx
Sarah K38:58  Mod lifts
Angie35:15 Rx
Wendi38:47  Row - scaled everything
TJ36:59 Rx 4th
Tammy40:51  18th Run, scaled weights
Dan O38:26  13th Scaled
Veronica39:03  14th Not rx
Tony C41:49 Rx 6th
Dan B39:23  15th Scaled and Rowed cash out
Cynthia N37:08  20'/120# and 115# cleans
Janet29:26 Rx 1st
Mada47:27  22nd 115# cleans, 35# KBS
Alison39:13 Rx 4th Row
Esteban44:12 Rx 8th
Hannah36:29  11th Run, scaled everything but dl
Travis35:57 Rx 135 thruster/pj, 185 pc/dl, 88 kbs, 45# def hspu, run both
Susanne41:32  19th #65T, #75PC, #35KB, Rx for DL & PP
Matt R31:39  Step ups, row both
Kyle38:48  14th Mods, run both
Lauren28:23 Rx
Katrisha33:35  8th HSPU on box
Traci39:59  17th So many modifications!
Tristan31:24  7th Row
Chris G43:12  17th 30in box 95# pj. Runs: 10/13 mins
Ron32:27 Rx 3rd
Wes43:00  Not Rx
Brandon V39:34 Rx 5th
Joe M31:31 Rx 2nd
Amber39:59  Run both, almost died in the dark, but way better with a team!
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