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Monday Sep 10,2018

Traci's burpee box jumpsOther Posted Results

Traci's burpee box jumps

Warm up - trainer's choice

Pregame - 20 VERY SLOW squat therapy with the focus on quality of the squat. Don't go duck foot...don't look to your side - GOOD squat therapy

10-5-3-1-1-1-3-5-10: OHS
First set of 10 should be challenging
add weight for a set of 5, should be tough
add weight for a set of 3, should be tough
add weight for 1, then more for another single, then maybe PR?
Your 2nd set of 3 should be performed with MORE weight than your first set of 3. Same for the 2nd set of 5 and 10.

AMRAP5: burpee box jumps (24/20)

0% 0%
1st55 Stacy Y Mon,Sep 10,2018
Tabitha Mon,Sep 10,2018
2nd52 Suzi Mon,Sep 10,2018
Steph Mon,Sep 10,2018
3rd50 Katrisha Mon,Sep 10,2018
Jodi Mon,Sep 10,2018
1st61 Travis Mon,Sep 10,2018
2nd56 Josh H Mon,Sep 10,2018
3rd54 Joe M Mon,Sep 10,2018

Amber39 Rx 135#
Carly47 Rx 135#
Jordan Wa47 Rx 155#
John K38 Rx 125
Jenna32  Not Rx
Brandon K37 Rx 145
Sarah K30 Rx 55#
Dan O41 Rx 155#
Steph52 Rx
Esteban48 Rx
Doug32 Rx
Dan B44 Rx
Melissa C38 Rx
Ron50 Rx
Amy Lan24 Rx
Jon L25 Rx
Tabitha55 Rx
Joe Z38 Rx
Jodi50 Rx
Stacy Y55 Rx
Travis61 Rx
Josh H56 Rx
Katie36 Rx
Veronica43 Rx
Tara40 Rx
Erin W39 Rx
Traci28 Rx
Chris G39 Rx 165# pr
Suzi52 Rx
Katrisha50 Rx
John W39 Rx
Joe M54 Rx
Arturo??? Rx
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