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Thursday Sep 6,2018

Happy Birthday Josh H & Tristan

EMOMs are fun

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Warm up - trainer's choice

Strength using KB and DB
EMOM10: 10 DB thrusters (50/35)
Rest 3 min
Int1: 5 (per hand) KB snatch (55/35 - do not touch ground between reps)
Int2: 2 Turkish Get ups (55/35)
Rest 3 min
EMOM10: 10 DB deadlifts (50/35) AND 10 DB shoulder to overhead (50/35)

Cool down - survive...don't die

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EstebanYes  Scaled like a snake to 5reps per set
TravisYes  Pretty sure I didn't get all the reps, but I tried!
JanetYes  All reps at RX
RonYes  I know I didn’t get all the reps. 45# DB & KB
BrookeYes  Yes
Dan BYes  40 DBs and 35 KB - not all reps = Scale master!
VeronicaYes  Psh as if!
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