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Thursday Aug 9,2018

Gymversary Diana-1

Do it all!

Warmup: trainer's choice

Take 5 bumper plates and stack neatly on one end of the gym (front or back near the wall balls or near the front doors. Guys use 45s and girls use 25s)  
When the trainer says '3, 2, 1, GO!'...

Buy-in: 50 pullups, then

You will go to your stack of plates, face them and perform 10 burpee plate jumps (Burpee and jump onto the top of the plates, like a burpee box jump).
Once your 10 burpees are complete, take the 1st bumper plate and overhead lunge it to the other end of the gym. 7 mats should separate your stacks.
Run back to your stack of 4 plates and do another 10 burpees onto the plates.  
Once those burpees are done, OH lunge the next plate back and stack on top of the 1st plate you lunged to the opposite side of the gym.
Continue this pattern until all 5 plates are moved to the opposite side of the gym.

Cash-out: 50 Toes to Bar

Overhead lunge RX is weight locked out overhead, not resting on head, behind head or any other method. Arms must be locked out holding weight overhead to RX.

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