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Tuesday Aug 7,2018

Happy Birthday Lindsay H
Joe M

Stop interrupting Karen

Warm up - trainer's choice

EMOM10: 5 Russian deadlift.
The Russian deadlift starts at the top
Pick up the barbell and with stiff legs (not totally locked out), lower the barbell until you feel you back round, then stand back up. This should be a pretty light weight. Maybe 95/65 for example.

150 wall balls (20/14)
Every 2 minutes perform 10 K2E

Extra credit
3 sets of '21's' with an empty barbell

0% 0%
1st9:00 Jodi Tue,Aug 7,2018
2nd9:44 Janet Tue,Aug 7,2018
3rd10:00 Angie Tue,Aug 7,2018
1st8:58 Joe M Tue,Aug 7,2018
2nd9:48 Wayne Tue,Aug 7,2018
3rd10:45 Sean Tue,Aug 7,2018

Jordan Wa13:12 Rx
Amber15:19  Not Rx
Sean10:45 Rx
TJ12:49 Rx
Tammy15 :28  Not Rx
Angie10:00 Rx
Dana15:47  Not rx
Richard L15:38  Mod k2e
Dan B13:42  K2e almosts
Stacy Y9:29  Not Rx
Alyssa13:42  Not Rx
Joe Z11:25  Not Rx
Steph13:33  Not Rx
Travis13:14 Rx 25# ball
Nate H11:35 Rx
Tristan13:54  Leg raises to wall
Veronica14:02  Mod k2e
Kyle15:35 Rx
Tabitha11:48  Some k2e
Ryan D13:35 Rx
John K15:50  Laying leg raises
Joe M8:58 Rx
Wayne9:48 Rx
Janet9:44 Rx
Jodi9:00 Rx
Susanne13:46  Mod on K2E.
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