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Tuesday Jul 31,2018

Welcome Joe M
Curls for the girls (or guys)Barbell 073118

Curls for the girls (or guys)

Warm up - trainer's choice

Tabata curls with empty barbell (don't put it down!)
Immediately into
Tabata shoulder to overhead with empty barbell (don't put it down!)

Note your total number of reps for the above tabata's combined in the comments.

Metcon (metabolic conditioning)
In a 3 minute window
Run 400m
16 push ups
Remaining time max rep thrusters (45/35)
Rest 1 min
Repeat 5 times

Your score is total number of thrusters completed across all 5 3 minute windows.

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1st108 Janet Tue,Jul 31,2018
2nd104 Jodi Tue,Jul 31,2018
3rd95 Tori Tue,Jul 31,2018
1st108 Sean Tue,Jul 31,2018
2nd89 Ron Tue,Jul 31,2018
3rd88 Travis Tue,Jul 31,2018

Sean108 Rx :)
Jordan Wa43 Rx
Amber 97
Dana21  81
Kirstin25  130
Doug 93
Travis88 Rx 203
Lauren111 Rx At home - flatter 400’s!
Dan B21 Rx 142
Susanne54 Rx 139 Tabata
Steph40 Rx 134
Brooke15 Rx
Tori95 Rx 192 reps on 1st tabata
Jodi104 Rx
Devin13 Rx
Wes Not Rx
Wayne56 Rx
Angie63 Rx
TJ54 Rx
Ron89 Rx
Janet108 Rx 200 reps for tabata
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