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Thursday Jul 12,2018

Slow it down for a dayBarbell 071218

Slow it down for a day

Warm up - trainer's choice

10-1 chest to bar pull ups
10 sit ups between sets
Immediately into
10-1 HSPU 25# plate deficit  
5 T2B between sets

10-1 pull ups
10 sit ups between sets
Immediately into  
10-1 push ups on 45# plates  
5 v-ups between sets  

***the 10-1 sets are unbroken sets.  
Do 10 pull ups unbroken, then 10 sit ups
9 UB, sit ups
Etc etc

If you fail to do either the pull ups or push ups unbroken you must redo that set.  If you only do 5 HSPU on your set of 6, for example. You do not just do 1 more, you must get 6 UB.

0% 0%
1st18:45Brooke Thu,Jul 12,2018
1st23:07 Travis Thu,Jul 12,2018
2nd23:18 2Dan B Thu,Jul 12,2018
3rd24:05 2Joe Z Thu,Jul 12,2018

JanetYes  Pull-ups and deficit HSPU with T2B
Dan B23:18 Rx2
Joe Z24:05 Rx2 T2B
Travis23:07 Rx
Brooke18:45  RX2 except for unbroken pull ups
Ron30:58  Rx except AbMat for HSPU and no deficit
Jon H24:49 Rx2 T2b
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