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Thursday Apr 12,2018

Happy Birthday Laine
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Ron Ebert

Warm up - trainer's choice (focus on warming up for the run) (6 minutes)

Skill/weight warm up (6 minutes)
Work on the hang power snatch, snatch and OHS and get your bar and weight ready for the WOD

WOD Prep (8 minutes)
Finish up by setting up where you will do HSPU and C2B. Stretch anything else needed for WOD

WOD (start no later than 20 minutes into class - you have 40 minutes to complete)
'Ron Ebert'
1 mile run
10 rounds of
1 hang power snatch + 1 snatch + 1 OHS (95/65)
Then 2 rounds
30 pull ups
1 mile run

TO RX this WOD not only do you need to meet the typical standards for C2B and HSPU and use the proper weight for the snatch work....but the hang power snatch, snatch and OHS must be considered 1 movement and completed UB for each of the 10 reps. You can't do a hang power snatch, rest, and then do a snatch and overhead squat. They must be done UB without letting go of the bar.

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1st30:12 Angie Thu,Apr 12,2018
2nd32:02 Janet Thu,Apr 12,2018
3rd31:38Jodi Thu,Apr 12,2018
1st27:10 Mike W Thu,Apr 12,2018
2nd31:20 Travis Thu,Apr 12,2018
3rd33:15 TJ Thu,Apr 12,2018

Sean36:05 Rx 4th As written
Ron37:31 Rx 5th
Janet32:02 Rx 2nd
Travis31:20 Rx 2nd
Dan B36:19  7th 45, pulse
Josh H33:40  6th Ab mat hspu
Jodi31:38  3rd Ab mat hspu
John K41:25  8th 75#, jumping pu
Angie30:12 Rx 1st
Mike W27:10 Rx 1st
Alison49:52  4th 1hang snatch and 2 power snatches per round
TJ33:15 Rx 3rd
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