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Wednesday Apr 11,2018


Warm up - trainer's choice (10 minutes)

Skill (5 minutes)
Review the snatch and OHS

Strength (15 minutes)
Find a heavy snatch + 3 overhead squats (you will squat a total of 4 times)

WOD (10 minute cap - WITH A PENALTY)
'Isabel' (30 power snatches)
rest 3 minutes
'Grace' (30 power clean and push jerks)
RX = 135/95
RX2 = 95/65

If you can't complete the above in less than 10 minutes you must do an additional 30 burpees. If you think you can't finish in the 10 minute cap, scale the weight further. These should be 2 short, sprints, not long workouts in which the weight is heavy.

Extra credit (10 minutes)
20 muscle ups for time
If you can't do muscle ups, practice some skills to work towards a muscle up.

0% 0%
1st8:06 Janet Wed,Apr 11,2018
2nd9:01 Jodi Wed,Apr 11,2018
3rd9:06 2Alyssa Wed,Apr 11,2018
1st8:29 Travis Wed,Apr 11,2018
2nd8:30 2Josh H Wed,Apr 11,2018
3rd9:17 2Ron Wed,Apr 11,2018

SeanCap Rx Did my effin burpees
Janet8:06 Rx 2:38/2:28
Travis8:29 Rx
Alison9:23  2:01/4:22, 65/95
Tammy8:22  45#
Ryan S7:36 Rx2 165# Snatch/OHS
Jodi9:01 Rx
Josh H8:30 Rx2
Whitney9:38  65/85
Trey9:31 Rx2 115lb/135lb
Alyssa9:06 Rx2
Ron9:17 Rx2
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