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Tuesday Apr 10,2018

Gymversary Jeff P-6 & Mike W-6 & Jodi-6 & Sarah-1
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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Warm up - trainer's choice (10 minutes)

6 rounds
Every 5 minutes complete:
10 box jump overs (24 for all)
20 double unders
10 box jump overs
20 single unders
10 box jump overs

The goal here is to go as fast as possible!! And then rest the remaining time in the 5 minute window.

During your rest - please do 1 minute of squats at a slow speed. Try to squat for 1 minute - SLOW. The goal of the squat is not to brag about how many reps you did, but rather to engage your muscles in a slow, non-taxing manner to help clear the lactic acid from your blood/muscles so you are ready for the next sprint.

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RonYes  Averaged about 2:08 per round
Dan BYes 
BrookeYes  Jump over bench, singles
SabrinaYes  Used a bench, singles
Ryan SYes  1:42/1:49/2:19/2:22/2:25/2:09
Jon HYes 
Aaron MYes  Singles, 20
SusanneYes  Bench jump overs & singles.
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