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Monday Apr 9,2018

Happy Birthday Janet


Warm Up
Trainer's Choice

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

If you want to RX ...
Make sure your chin is over the bar on the pull ups.

Your chest and thighs should touch the ground on push ups.

Your squats must be below parallel. You must stand up all the way at the top.

The coach will be ensuring you meet those standards.

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TodayAll Time

Travis23+28 Rx 3rd
Grant12  Non RX
Tammy13+ 5  16th Not Rx
Diana14  13th Not Rx
Angie23 Rx 1st
Dana14+ 28  12th Jumping pu
Sarah15+2  10th Jumping pu
Hannah15  11th Not Rx
Dan B14 Rx 8th
Ron17+7 Rx
TJ25 Rx 1st
Lisa12+4  Ring pulls
Brooke12+3 Rx
Margeaux8+12  20th Jumping pullups
Ryan S14+4 Rx
Traci13+5  16th Not rx, at home
Lauren23+7 Rx
Melissa C13 Rx 9th
Veronica13+1  17th Banded
Rachael15+21 Rx 4th
Ken14 Rx
Mada15 + 1 Rx 7th
Susanne14+5 Rx 8th Completed at TF
Jon H14 + 5 Rx 7th
Mallory10+3  Not Rx
Shelley10+7  sally pushups
Aaron M10 +7  Jumping pu
Claire11  18th Banded pu purple
Logan7+5  Banded pu green, black
Ryan F9+2  10th Snake pushups
Ethan18 Rx 5th
Alison10+15  19th Not all squats below parallel
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