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Tuesday Apr 3,2018

Happy Birthday James B
Gymversary John K-1
Welcome Chris T & Chris G WOD 180320Barbell 040318 WOD 180320

Warm up - trainer's choice (10 minutes)

Skill - (5 minutes)
Review the deadlift and introduce the tempo deadlift

Strength (20 minutes)
Tempo deadlifts
Warm up your deadlift, get to about 70% and then...
5x5 in which you explode to the top, 3 second pause at top, 3 second descent to the ground. Pick a challenging weight and do 5 sets of 5 at that weight

Break into 2 groups if class size dictates
15 cal row
15 push ups

0% 0%
1st141 Jodi Tue,Apr 3,2018
2nd125 Janet Tue,Apr 3,2018
3rd124 Angie Tue,Apr 3,2018
1st184 Travis Tue,Apr 3,2018
2nd159 Ethan Tue,Apr 3,2018
3rd158 TJ Tue,Apr 3,2018

Erin M101 Rx
Dana107 Rx
Janet125 Rx
Travis184 Rx
Ethan159 Rx
Dan O151 Rx
Sean150 Rx
Ron135 Rx
Richard L112 Rx
Dan B120 Rx
Alison112 Rx
TJ158 Rx
Ryan S142 Rx
Susanne120 Rx
Alyssa114 Rx
Sabrina106 Rx
David H87  Not Rx
Tammy94 Rx
Tabitha99 Rx
Jodi141 Rx
Traci104 Rx
Tara111 Rx
Claire120 Rx
Anthony150 Rx 255#
Logan90 Rx
Ken120 Rx
Lisa95 Rx
Kyle129 Rx
Angie124 Rx
Dara75 Rx
Nathan U126 Rx
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