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Monday Apr 2,2018

Welcome Chris T & Chris G

Chesty DT

Warm up - trainer's choice (10 minutes)

Skill - extended warm up (15 minutes)
Review the deadlift, hang power clean and push jerk for those that need the review
Also use this time to warm up to the heaviest weight you plan on using during the WOD to be sure you can do a hang power clean, for example, at that weight.

WOD - start at 30 minutes into class and a 20 minute cap
3 rounds of DT
20 C2B pull ups
2 rounds of DT  
20 C2B pull ups
1 round of DT  
20 C2B pull ups

DT is (RX DT is 155/105, but we are varying load):
12 deadlifts
9 hang power cleans
6 push jerks

RX weight to be used is
135/95 for the round of 3
155/105 for the round of 2
185/125 for the round of 1

RX2 weight to be used is
95/65 for the round of 3
135/95 for the round of 2
155/105 for the round of 1

Cool down - mobilize, roll out, couch stretch, YTA's, etc

100% 0%
1st19:53 Angie Mon,Apr 2,2018
2nd205 Janet Mon,Apr 2,2018
3rd181 Alison Mon,Apr 2,2018
1st217 Travis Mon,Apr 2,2018
2nd17:39 2TJ Mon,Apr 2,2018
3rd198 2Ron Mon,Apr 2,2018

Janet205 Rx
Tammy202  Not rx
Dana205  65 85 95 banded pu
Sarah220  55#, 65# , 70#
Dan O203  95/115/155
Ron198 Rx2
Alison181 Rx
Dan B191  95/125/145
Travis217 Rx
Tabitha185  Band pull up
Lauren19:38 Rx
Ryan S192 Rx2
Tara186  85/105/115
Traci198  Rx2 weights, banded pu
Chris G195  95/115/135
Veronica199  Banded pull up
Claire186  Banded PU Rx weight
Logan202  Banded pu, 35,55,65
Chris T175  Banded pu 45,55,65
Sabrina188  #55, #65
Angie19:53 Rx
TJ17:39 Rx2
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