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Saturday Mar 31,2018

Be gentle with the rowers!

Warm up - trainer's choice

With rowers starting at the front of the gym, in teams of 4
1000m row, once completed carry (not roll) the rower to the back of the gym
1000m row, once completed move the rower back to the front of the gym
Continue moving back and forth every 1000m until 5k is completed
Once completed, immediately into
50 burpees to 45# plate, once done move plates to back of the gym
50 burpees to 45# plate, once done move plates back to front
Continue until 250 burpees are completed, moving plates every 50 reps

100% 0%
1st31:24 Janet Sat,Mar 31,2018
2nd42:18Alison Sat,Mar 31,2018
1st30:18 Ron Sat,Mar 31,2018
Travis Sat,Mar 31,2018

Travis30:18 Rx With ron and marcy
Ron30:18 Rx With “Good Hands” and “T-Dawg”
Janet31:24 Rx With sean and Stacy
Alison42:18  With Nicole and Cynthia
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