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Monday Apr 15,2019

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Warm up - trainer's choice

EMOM10: 5 TnG power cleans - building

21-15-9 reps for time:
Power Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips

If you want to RX this WOD you must have someone judge that you stand up all the way on the power cleans with elbows in front of bar and that you get depth in ring dips (elbows below shoulders) and lock out the top.

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Jordan Wa7:39 Rx 6th
John K9:59  15th 135#, not full depth ring dips
Sarah K8:17  10th 85#, box dips
Nicole W8:26  12th 55#,banded
Alison11:56 Rx
Ron8:31 Rx 7th
Ivan8:15  12th 115 ring dips
Susanne5:59  3rd #75 red band
Laine6:52  7th 75#
Travis4:15 Rx Tried doing a m/up for dips... only did that for the 21s
Steph6:21  5th Banded dips
Eli10:15  16th Not Rx
Matt P7:45  11th Banded dips
Heather9:34  14th 55#, banded
Claire6:10  4th Red band
Veronica8:00  9th Black band
Danit6:30  6th 55#
Ethan4:45 Rx 2nd
Erin W7:32  8th 75# band dips
Chris G9:40  14th 135# negative dips
Esteban7:17  10th No judge 135#
Janet6:39 Rx 1st
Anthony6:10 Rx 4th
Carl8:28  13th 115
Joe M5:49 Rx 3rd
Emily8:20  11th 55
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