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Monday Dec 10,2018

Brian B & Tracy & Isaac & JP
Welcome JP & Tracy

...just tell me what to do and when

Warm up - trainer's choice

0:00-3:00: 100 air squats
3:00-5:00: rest
5:00-14:00: 3 rounds, 1 min wall sit, 30 seconds max effort bar only front squat, rest 90 seconds
14:00-16:00: rest
16:00-19:00: 100 air squats

You have only 3 minutes to complete the 100 air squats.   If you don't complete any of the 100 reps subtract them from the total front squat reps you complete during the 30 second intervals after the wall sits. You have no transition time between wall sits and front squats. Set up your bar near the wall so minim time is wasted between the wall sit and front squats.

Extra credit: 1 min and only 1 attempt per day - max calories in 1 min on air bike - write your score on the back whiteboard.

0% 0%
1st72 Janet Mon,Dec 10,2018
2nd71 Tabitha Mon,Dec 10,2018
3rd62 Stacy Y Mon,Dec 10,2018
1st74 TJ Mon,Dec 10,2018
2nd62 JP Mon,Dec 10,2018
3rd59 Ethan Mon,Dec 10,2018

Tammy36 Rx
Jordan Wa41 Rx
Nicole W15 Rx Darn squats
Amanda Z48 Rx
Sarah33 Rx
Ron50 Rx
Dan B44 Rx
Cynthia N52 Rx
Steph47 Rx
Kirstin46 Rx
Joe M55 Rx
Stacy Y62 Rx
Tabitha71 Rx
Susanne60 Rx
Eli25 Rx
Brian B48 Rx
Joe Z22 Rx
Mada35 Rx
Isaac56 Rx
Troy57 Rx
Jon H47 Rx
Kalen54 Rx
Jenna26 Rx
Lindsay H53 Rx
Ken40 Rx
Ethan59 Rx
Brandon K12 Rx
Janet72 Rx
Gene41  Not Rx
Tracy34 Rx
Melissa S41 Rx
JP62 Rx
TJ74 Rx
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