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CrossFit (What is CrossFit? Click here.) is unique because as you get more proficient and better at skills, you can add intensity to your workouts. So, going through our on-ramp program is not about how fit you are, it is about understanding the importance of technique in maximizing your intensity.

On Ramp
You must attend at least 4 on ramp classes. If you want to test out of on ramp to open up the full schedule, that can also be arranged with a CrossFit CRUSH Coach.

On ramp classes are on Saturday mornings at 8:00am and on Sunday at 10:00 and 11:00am. You must contact us to reserve your class at least 12 hours prior to class. We will do our best to be flexible if one of the times on the weekend does not work for you.(Click here for class schedule)

You don’t have to do all classes consecutively, and when you purchase your $90 on ramp membership you can do as many in the month as you like.  After you have completed the minimum 4 classes you can use your on ramp cost towards your first month’s membership. So for only $40 dollars you can get one more month of unlimited CrossFit after finishing on ramp!!

Once you are comfortable in the movements, the full schedule is yours to utilize.

So get started!!
Give us a shout by email (click here) or call 720.765.5221 to get the ball rolling to fitness with friends!

Come by the gym anytime to see what we are all about!

Free Class
We offer a free class to potential new members. Come in and get a workout. Get a brief feel for what CrossFit is all about. Keep in mind that everyday is different so one class won't give you a full picture, but rather a snapshot.

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