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Thursday Jan 18,2018

Tomorrow: Park View ,Deadlift Max
Anniversary Nicolle-2
Piney CreekBarbell 011818

Piney Creek

Warm up - trainer's choice

The trainer will start the clock
0:00 - 2:00 - 400m run
2:00 - 11:00 - 10 hollow rocks and 5 sit ups on the minute
12:00-14:00 - 400m run
14:00-23:00 - 20 second super man hold and 5 good mornings (45/35) on the minute
24:00-26:00 - 400m run
26:00-35:00 - 30 seconds max rep STRICT press (65/45) on the minute - if you put the bar down you do 5 burpees immediately

You will have 2 minutes to run 400m (or a little more if you start your first set of 10 hollow rocks a little late)
At the 2 minute mark for the next 10 minutes it is an EMOM of 10 hollow rocks and 5 sit ups (must be completed within the minute to count).
When the final minute of that 10 minute EMOM (11:00-11:59) expires you have another 2 minutes to run 400m.
Then an EMOM10 of 20 second superman holds and 5 weighted good mornings.
Etc etc. 2 minutes (or more if you bleed into the EMOM) to run 400m followed by a 10 minute EMOM of strict press.

Your score = total number of strict press performed minus any hollow rocks not completed or seconds of superman hold not completed.

Example - you get 20 strict press every 30 seconds for the full 10 minutes (10 rounds) = 200 reps.  
But you didn't complete 5 hollow rocks in one of the rounds of that EMOM = 195.
And 2 rounds of superman holds you only got 18 seconds, not 20 = 191

The superman holds must be UNBROKEN 20 seconds to count. All work must be completed within the minute to count.

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