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Friday Dec 15,2017

Tomorrow: Coffland
Welcome Derek & James

Norway Spruce tree

Warm up - trainer's choice

I hear ya - you don't want to squat anymore. So we'll switch it up tomorrow. No squats.

Have half the class do the strength first and the other half do the metcon first

6x6 back squat @70%
Hopefully this feels light and you can perform these quickly. Thinking about speed during the squat.

Strength (20 min cap) pt2
Find you max set of 5 bench press - take at least 5 sets to find that max set of 5. I know some will max out quickly, if so, do extra sets at that max weight.

WOD (20min cap)
5 rounds
20 med ball cleans (30/20)
20 alternating KB snatch (55/35)
20 sit ups
20 burpees
20 slam balls (20/12)

Note your max weight in comments

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1st323 Janet Today!
2nd255 Angie Today!
3rd230 Whitney Today!
1st306 Travis Today!
2nd301 TJ Today!
3rd261 Jeff Today!

Erin M269  80
Sarah273  70#
Angie255 Rx 115#
Whitney230 Rx 105#
Trey237 Rx 185# &40lb med ball
James212  155#
Dan B226  185#
Alison305  95#
Travis306 Rx 265#
Jeff261 Rx 225
Sabrina224  14# med ball, 25# kb snatch
Melissa232  #25 kb snatch
TJ301 Rx 225#
Alyssa230  35# DB snatch
Ron260 Rx 145#
Elizabeth249  25 kb, 120lb
Gavin250 Rx 245#
Hannah280  65#, 18 kb, 14 wb
Claire239  85#
Janet323 Rx 125#
Ryan F225  135#
Anthony273  140 30 45 20
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