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Thursday Aug 16,2018

Tomorrow: Deadlift Max ,CrossFit Open 12.1
Welcome Esteban


Warm up - trainer's choice

To RX this workout you must increase your reps in each of the 4 AMRAPs.

Also, If you want to RX today's WOD the first AMRAP must equal at least 1 round.

Your score today is total number of reps across all 4 AMRAPs (ex: 70, 73, 75, 78 = 296 reps)

4 rounds of:
50 squats
10 power cleans (135/95)
2 wall walks
Rest 4 min

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1st555 Janet Today!
2nd426 Stacy Y Today!
3rd424 Steph Today!
1st420 Dan B Today!
2nd410 Esteban Today!
3rd450Dan O Today!

Dan B420 Rx
Janet555 Rx
Dan O450  115#
Esteban410 Rx
Stacy Y426 Rx
Steph424 Rx
Lisa275  85#, wall walks not rx
Sarah347  #75, wall walks not rx
Alison443  Squats not rx
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