Most Recent Benchmark before today was 3 rep deadlift on Sep 14,2018 (4 days ago)

Tuesday Sep 18,2018

Tomorrow: 3 rep strict press ,Med ball sit ups
Welcome Janice
EMOM's surrounding the snatchSnatch max

EMOM's surrounding the snatch

Check In
Warm up - trainer's choice

EMOM10: 5 chest to bar pull ups (scale is chin over first, jumping chest to bar 2nd)
Right into
15 minutes to find max snatch
Right into
EMOM10: 5 HSPU + 10 jumping squats

Trainer will set the clock for 35 minutes
0:00-10:00 is the first EMOM
10:00-25:00 is snatch - ideally squatting
25:00-34:00 is final EMOM

Set up your HSPU and bar prior to the C2B EMOM

Record your snatch weight on the proper tab

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Jordan WaYes 
SeanYes  205#
Dan OYes 
Cynthia NYes 
JanetYes  135#
Dan BYes 
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