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Saturday Feb 2,2019

Windsor Warrior

Come and watch Crush teams at the Windsor Warrior comp at Windsor Fitness - heats start at 9am and go until about 1.

Warm up - circle of love

Metcon - in teams of 2
2 of the WODs from the Windsor Warrior comp

First - both partners working at same time
1 min max back squat (135/95)
1 min max dumbbell snatch (50/35)
1 min box jumps
1 min max row for cal
1 min max S2O (95/65)

Go in waves if there are more than 4 teams (2 rowers per team since both working at same time)

Rest 10 min

Karen, but every minute perform 4 burpees
150 wall balls (20/14) switching as often as you like, but every minute perform 4 burpees. (Only 1 person does the burpees). Continue working until 150 wall balls are completed.

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