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Wednesday Jan 30,2019

Happy Birthday Travis

Snatch and row sprint

Warm up - trainer's choice

Strength (20 minutes)
Back squat 1x5 @80%
1x5 @85%
1x3 @90%
1x2 @95%
Max reps at 75%

20 power snatch (75/55 - 10 burpee penalty for dropping the bar from overhead, guys and girls)
500m row
20 power snatch

0% 0%
1st3:35 Janet Wed,Jan 30,2019
2nd4:30 Katrisha Wed,Jan 30,2019
3rd4:34 Rachael Wed,Jan 30,2019
1st3:31 Sean Wed,Jan 30,2019
2nd3:39 Travis Wed,Jan 30,2019
3rd4:33 Trey Wed,Jan 30,2019

Sean3:31 Rx
Nicole W8:22  45#
Jordan Wa5:40 Rx
Janet3:35 Rx
Alison4:35  Hang snatch
Rachael4:34 Rx
Stacy Y4:37 Rx
Susanne5:32  45# 19@75
Steph4:51 Rx
Heather6:45  35#
Joe Z5:15 Rx
Travis3:39 Rx
Dawn M5:40  45#
Josh H4:46 Rx
Brooke6:40 Rx
Veronica5:01 Rx
Katrisha4:30 Rx
Chris G5:12 Rx
Danit4:40  35#
JJ4:30  65#
Joe M4:34 Rx
Trey4:33 Rx 20lb weight vest
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