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Friday, Dec 7,2018

Stop interrupting my chipper

Warm up - trainer's choice

20 sit ups
40 KBS (55/35)
60 deadlift (135/95)
80 air squats
100 double unders
Every minute perform 1 power clean and jerk (135/95), including 3, 2, 1 go

RX+ use 185/135 for the PC&J and deadlift
RX2 use 95/65 for the PC&J and deadlift

Extra credit
3x10 front rack lunges holding KB in the front rack (go heavy)

0% 0%
1st12:46 +Janet Fri,Dec 7,2018
2nd10:28 Katrisha Fri,Dec 7,2018
3rd10:31 Rachael Fri,Dec 7,2018
1st11:57 +Travis Fri,Dec 7,2018
2nd12:34 +Joe M Fri,Dec 7,2018
3rd10:46 Mike W Fri,Dec 7,2018

Joe M12:34 Rx+
Janet12:46 Rx+
Devin14:30  Singles
Ron11:26 Rx
Melissa C13:58 Rx
Rachael10:31 Rx
Heather16:47  65# barbell, 22# KB, pretty sure I did some 'bonus' DL
Esteban12:42 Rx
Cynthia N12:42  2 95# cleans/50 Russian KBs
Jodi10:29  105# deadlift and clean. No jerk
Travis11:57 Rx+
Steph12:22 Rx
Mike W10:46 Rx
Lauren10:59 Rx+
Katrisha10:28 Rx
Darcy <--- Santa
Tristan12:34  Mom power
Marcy10:32 Rx
Veronica11:25  Singles for 50
Brandon V12:49 Rx
Wayne11:37 Rx
Troy14:31 Rx
Brooke12:15 Rx
Hannah14:30 Rx2
Elizabeth11:42  65# Singles
Whitney16:30  95# Singles
Trey17:28  185 for 7, 155rest, singles
Ryan F16ish  Singles
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