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Wednesday Dec 5,2018

Nick V


Warm Up (10 Minute) trainers Choice

150 Wall Balls for time (20/14 - 10/9 foot)

Break the class into 2 groups - 1 group performs WOD, 2nd group judges standards, then switch. Judges look for depth in the squat and ensure the wall ball hits the wall above the line. Lowest (fastest) 3 scores for guys/girls will be put on the record board.

If you do not care to have your name on the record board you do not need a judge. And will not be marked as RX.

50% 50%
TodayAll Time

Janet7:02 Rx 2nd
Erin M8:41 Rx 5th
Diana10:44  22nd Not Rx
Tammy12:29 Rx 16th
Sean7:09 Rx 3rd
Paul10:13 Rx 11th
Ron9:06 Rx
Dara12:36 Rx 17th
Steph10:25 Rx 13th
Mada10:23 Rx 12th
Esteban11:42 Rx 15th
Devin15:28 Rx 20th With a mid wod 'break'
Nathan U11:44 Rx 16th
Dan B12:13  22nd Not Rx
Kyle11:15 Rx 14th
Cynthia N10:13 Rx 11th
Travis7:11 Rx 4th
Susanne10:39  20th No judge
JJ10:47  21st No judge
Joe Z9:39 Rx 10th
Joe M7:03 Rx 2nd
Troy9:15 Rx 9th
Jon H7:37 Rx 5th Sets of 20 thru 100 w 20s rests. Then 10s with sporatic rests
Ken10:54  14 lbs wb
Ryan F12:22 Rx 18th
Nick V12:20 Rx 17th
John W12:28  23rd Not rx
Hannah14:56 Rx 19th
Isaac13:40  24th Not Rx
Jodi6:50 Rx
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