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Thursday Nov 29,2018

Will anyone get 3 rounds?

Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill - 15 minutes to work on handstands or any variation of being upside down

5 muscle ups
50 air squats
100m row
200 double unders
100m run
50 push ups
5 wall walks

10 pull ups
50 air squats
100m row
200 single unders
100m run
50 push ups
5 wall walks (no need to touch nose to wall - get as high as you can)

0% 0%
1st1+309 Tori Thu,Nov 29,2018
2nd2+60 2Susanne Thu,Nov 29,2018
3rd2+56 2Tabitha Thu,Nov 29,2018
1st2+1 Sean Thu,Nov 29,2018
2nd1+310 Joe M Thu,Nov 29,2018
3rd1+206 Jordan Wa Thu,Nov 29,2018

Jordan Wa1+206 Rx
Nicole W1+167 Rx2
Ron1+109 Rx
Cynthia N1+316 Rx2
Dan B1+314 Rx2
Steve S1+282 Rx2
Esteban2+20 Rx2
Brooke2+8 Rx2 DU
Tabitha2+56 Rx2
Susanne2+60 Rx2
Joe Z1+302 Rx2
Steph1+313 Rx2
Isaac1+220 Rx2
Mitchell316  Band
Josh H2+77 Rx2
Ethan2+55 Rx2
Erin W1+278 Rx2
Tori1+309 Rx
Joe M1+310 Rx
Chris G1+301 Rx2
Sean2+1 Rx
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