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Monday Nov 26,2018

Is that Fran? Nah

Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill (5 minutes) - review the OHS

Strength (15 minutes)
Find a heavy set of 5 OHS

OHS (95/65)
Pull ups
KBS (55/35)

OHS (65/45)
Jumping pull ups
KBS (35/25)

0% 0%
1st4:42 Tori Mon,Nov 26,2018
2nd10:32 Steph Mon,Nov 26,2018
3rd8:28 2Tammy Mon,Nov 26,2018
1st5:34 TJ Mon,Nov 26,2018
2nd5:53 Joe M Mon,Nov 26,2018
3rd10:20 Josh H Mon,Nov 26,2018

Joe M5:53 Rx
TJ5:34 Rx
Tammy8:28 Rx2
Ethan11:20 Rx
Jordan Wa13:09 Rx
Paul11:47 Rx
Dan O11:48  45 KB
Erin M6:42  65, jump pu, 35kb
Heather10:52 Rx2
Steph10:32 Rx
Shannon11:36 Rx2
Esteban12:51 Rx
Lauren6:20 Rx
Dan B11:58  Bar only ohs. Rx on pu and kbs.
Cynthia N9:02 Rx 105# 5 rep
Brian B930 Rx2
Isaac11:24  Not Rx
Susanne10:38 Rx2 OHS #55, strict and some 'kip' PUs
Tabitha9:28 Rx2 55#
Tori4:42 Rx
Jon H10:57 Rx
Katie10:55  55# banded pullup
Dara13:20 Rx2 35# bar, russian kbs
Gene8:51  45# OHS,
Josh H10:20 Rx
Jordan We11:16  45#oh, 35kb
Erin W12:58  25# oh
Ron8:59  65# OHS, all else Rx
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