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Wednesday Oct 10,2018

We kept track of the rowing this morning by using tick marks on the white board.  The math works out to 6 tick marks per person.  So, we had 72 tick marks at 5:00 am and 78 tick marks at 6:00 am.  After each athlete finished a round of rowing 500 meters and 20 strict sit ups they would erase a tick mark.  Then get back in line for more fun.  This method allowed us to have a visual reference of the finish line.  We started with a bunch of rows of tick marks and chipped away at them.

Group row

Warm up - trainer's choice

Take the # of people in class and multiply that by 3000 meters
As a class row that many meters, switching every 500m
Half of the class rows, while the other half rests
Immediately after your 500m - do 20 strict sit ups
Form a line and get into line when your done with your sit ups.
Next in line gets on the next available rower

10 people in class? That's 30,000 meters for the class. Every time you complete 500m tally the white board until 60 500m intervals are completed.

It will be possible for some people to row more 500m intervals than others.

For classes with less than 8 people... one less rower available for the number of people in class. That way someone is always resting.  

Will anyone come to more than one class?

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1st~27:00 Ron Wed,Oct 10,2018

Ron~27:00 Rx Both 5:00 am and 6:00 am finished right around 27:00 minutes.
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