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Monday Oct 8,2018

Steppin over Max Effort Monday

Warm up - trainer's choice

Tabata OHS (45/35) - no putting the bar on the ground during the tabata

3 rounds
1 min max box step overs (20 for all)
1 min max DB S2O (35/25)
1 min max forward lunge in place
1 min to row 150m
1 min Russian KBS (70/55)
Rest 1 min

Score is total number of reps. The row counts as 1 rep if 150m is completed in the 1 minute window

0% 0%
1st426 Lauren Mon,Oct 8,2018
2nd303 Cynthia N Mon,Oct 8,2018
Tori Mon,Oct 8,2018
3rd297 Lindsay H Mon,Oct 8,2018
1st404 Travis Mon,Oct 8,2018
2nd360 Joe M Mon,Oct 8,2018
3rd314 Esteban Mon,Oct 8,2018

Travis404 Rx
John K275 Rx
Elizabeth251  Not rx
Esteban314 Rx
Ron302 Rx
Alison203  Lunges not rx
Cynthia N303 Rx 79 OHS
Dan B226 Rx
Steve S247 Rx
Rebecca326  45#kb
Joe M360 Rx
Tori303 Rx 30# DB 111OHS
Erin W302  20# db 25# kb
Jordan We320  20#db 35#kb
Tammy280  Not rx 40 ohs
Traci252  No rx
Lauren426 Rx
Wes242 Rx First rx
Kyle280  55# KB, 25# DB
Janice278  Not Rx
Zachary266 Rx Ded
Lindsay H297 Rx
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