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Friday Oct 5,2018


Warm up - trainer's choice

5x5 push press at 80% of your 5 rep max

Tabata double unders
Immediately followed by
Tabata sit ups
Immediately followed by  
Tabata dumbbell snatch (50/35) - if you drop a DB the class immediately has to do 20 burpees

0% 0%
1st482 Tori Fri,Oct 5,2018
2nd390 Janet Fri,Oct 5,2018
3rd325 Stacy Y Fri,Oct 5,2018
1st341 Ron Fri,Oct 5,2018
2nd337 Joe M Fri,Oct 5,2018
3rd518Dan B Fri,Oct 5,2018

Janet390 Rx
Cynthia N264 Rx
Ron341 Rx
Alison234 Rx
Amy A202  Not Rx
Alyssa310 Rx
Stacy Y325 Rx
Tabitha322  Goblet squat
GavinClueless  Not Rx
Mike WNo clue  Not Rx
Charlotte209  20#
Joe M337 Rx
Matt R306 Rx
TaraNo ides  Not Rx
Erica210  Not Rx
Dan B518  Singles
Brooke305  20db
Erin W347  30# snatch and su
Tori482 Rx
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