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Thursday Oct 4,2018

Happy Birthday Heather

2018 Battle of the Rock remix

Warm up - trainer's choice

2 rounds
30 cal row
15 pull ups
30 wall ball (20/14 - 10/9 foot)
15 T2B
30 box jumps (24/20)
15 hang power cleans (95/65)

Go in waves (5 minutes apart) if more than 8 in class. Go in order if possible.

0% 0%
1st14:43 Tori Thu,Oct 4,2018
2nd16:45 Katrisha Thu,Oct 4,2018
3rd16:49 Janet Thu,Oct 4,2018
1st14:20 Thomas G Thu,Oct 4,2018
2nd15:47 Joe M Thu,Oct 4,2018
3rd16:31 Travis Thu,Oct 4,2018

Joe M15:47 Rx
Erin M19:10  Knee raises, su
Steph20:54 Rx
Travis16:31 Rx
Jordan Wa21:44 Rx
Janet16:49 Rx
John K25:30 Rx
Sarah K24:02  55#, banded pull-up, knee raises
Ron17:33 Rx
Cynthia N19:27 Rx
Alison27:00 Rx
Heather27:41  Not Rx
Esteban20:04 Rx
Dan B21:50  Step ups and some knee raises
TJ16:48 Rx
Trey18:23  Not Rx
Josh H18:05 Rx
Tammy22:28  Not rx
Traci22:10  Lots of mods
Rebecca20:25 Rx
Mada22:46 Rx
Katrisha16:45 Rx
Lauren13:23 Rx
Ken25:53  Rx`d all but HPC
Chris T32:19  Not Rx
Jon H20:58 Rx Loved this!
Wes Pi
Tori14:43 Rx
Thomas G14:20 Rx
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