Most Recent Benchmark before today was 3 rep deadlift on Sep 14,2018 (4 days ago)

Friday Sep 14,2018

Welcome Charlotte
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3 rep deadlift

Find your max set of 3 deadlift - no dropping between reps or resting with the bar on the ground. 3 rep, touch and go. Oh, and you should know NOT to bounce the weight off of the ground.

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1st257 Traci Fri,Sep 14,2018
2nd255 Tara Fri,Sep 14,2018
Jodi Fri,Sep 14,2018
3rd245 Stacy Y Fri,Sep 14,2018
1st455 Ethan Fri,Sep 14,2018
2nd415 Gavin Fri,Sep 14,2018
3rd405 Esteban Fri,Sep 14,2018

Sean375 Rx 5th
Ethan455 Rx 1st
Jordan Wa295 Rx 12th
Sarah165 Rx 9th
Dan O355 Rx 7th
Esteban405 Rx 3rd
Ron365 Rx 6th
Brooke215 Rx 5th
Erin W165 Rx 9th
Joe M315 Rx 11th
Charlotte145 Rx 10th
Steph215 Rx 5th
Jeff315 Rx 11th
Tabitha225 Rx 4th
TJ385 Rx 4th
Gavin415 Rx 2nd
Stacy Y245 Rx 3rd
Trey325 Rx 10th
Jodi255 Rx 2nd
Veronica210 Rx 6th
Katie195 Rx 7th
Traci257 Rx 1st
Tara255 Rx 2nd
Jon H345 Rx 8th
Chris G345 Rx 8th
Tristan185 Rx 8th
John W335 Rx 9th
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