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Wednesday Sep 5,2018

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5 rep max back squat

Find your 5 rep max back squat

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1st220 Janet Wed,Sep 5,2018
2nd215 Alyssa Wed,Sep 5,2018
3rd205 Erin M Wed,Sep 5,2018
Stacy Y Wed,Sep 5,2018
1st365 Matt R Wed,Sep 5,2018
2nd350 Ethan Wed,Sep 5,2018
3rd305 Brandon V Wed,Sep 5,2018

Erin M205 Rx 3rd
Brandon K295 Rx 4th
Amber195 Rx 4th
Jenna115 Rx 10th
Sarah105 Rx 11th
John K225 Rx 7th
Jordan Wa225 Rx 7th
Deja130 Rx 9th
Wendi135 Rx 8th
Ron265 Rx 6th
Dan B265 Rx 6th
Sean280 Rx 5th
Amanda155 Rx 6th
Ethan350 Rx 2nd
Susanne145 Rx 7th
Alyssa215 Rx 2nd
Stacy Y205 Rx 3rd
Matt R365 Rx 1st
Melissa B185 Rx 5th
Carrie90 Rx 12th
Erin W115 Rx 10th
Jordan We120 Rx 8th
Traci155# Rx 6th
Chris G225 Rx 7th 4@245
Katie130 Rx 9th
Lauren185 Rx 5th
Veronica135 Rx 8th
Brandon V305 Rx 3rd
Janet220 Rx 1st
Angie185 Rx 5th
Tara145 Rx 7th
Results Posted: 31