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Saturday Aug 11,2018

How heavy?

Warm up - circle of love

In teams of 3 or 4
Alternate pulling a sled  around the 100m loop

Each time you stop pulling the sled you run around our building and perform 4 tire flips (you pick the tire) and then back to the sled. Run Down towards the pet store and turn left between our building and Two22's building so you end up running behind our building and past the tires.  

Your partners do NOT have to wait for you to get back from your run/tire flips for them to start pulling the sled. Also, it is possible that no one is at your sled because all members are running or flipping tires.

Sled weight?

Guys add 180# to the sled (four 45# plates)
Girls add 125# to the sled (five 25# plates)

For scoring purposes each straight away in the 100m is 1 rep. So a full 100m is 4 reps.

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4530 S Reservoir Rd
Centennial, CO 80015 (view larger map)