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Monday Jul 30,2018

Welcome Joe M

EMOM week begins!

Warm up - trainer's choice

Odd - 3 muscle ups (or 5 dips on rings, dip bar or box)
Even - 40 double unders

Rest 5 min

3 wall ball (20/14 to 10 ft), 3 Russian KBS (55/35), 3 burpees
6 wall ball, 6 Russian KBS, 6 burpees
9, 9, 9
12, 12, 12,

0% 0%
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Ethan135 Rx
Hannah135  Wallballs 9ft
Ryan F123 Rx
Angie137  Not Rx
Jordan Wa136 Rx
Amber126  Not Rx
TJ170 Rx
Sarah136  9ft
Doug131  45# kb
Diana135  35# kb
Alison168 Rx
Steve S136 Rx
Kirstin137 Rx
Ron165 Rx 6 muscle ups during emom
Dan O130 Rx
Jodi203 Rx
Suzi182 Rx
Brooke121 Rx
Amanda Z146 Rx
Steph130 Rx
Travis201 Rx
Alyssa126 Rx
Elizabeth126  Not Rx
Melissa C130  Not all WB to target
Lauren214 Rx
Chris G101 Rx
Veronica143 Rx
Katrisha186 Rx
Nate H128 Rx
Dara121 Rx
Joe M190  35 lb KB
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