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Wednesday Jul 11,2018

Happy Birthday Brandon V & Esteban


(Stolen from the evil mind of Pat Sherwood)

Warm up - no warm up - just start on the 400m.

The cap time for this WOD is the entirety of the class. Tap out early if you MUST leave. Otherwise try to continue for 60 minutes - or finish.

400m run
20 burpees
400m run
19 burpees
400m run
18 burpees
400m run
17 burpees
etc etc...
400m run
3 burpees
400m run
2 burpees
400m run
1 burpee

Extra credit
Take a walk! Bring that heart down slowly.

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Steph66:36 Rx
Hannah75:42 Rx
Ryan F85:07 Rx
Cynthia N60:03 Rx
Katrisha64:00 Rx
Lauren55:05 Rx
EthanDNF Rx 4 rounds left
Dan BDNF  5 rds left-Rowed some rds
Jeff P69:00 Rx
Kyle75:55 Rx
Susanne71:30 Rx Extra 400 run at end
Ron61:16 Rx
Travis71:53 Rx
Janet59:02 Rx
John K91:30 Rx
Veronica60:00 Rx 6 rounds left
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