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Monday Jul 9,2018

Happy Birthday Lisa
Gymversary Sean-2

Everyone's fav returns: max effort Monday

Warm up - trainer's choice

Max Effort Monday
5 rounds
1 min max rep Russian KBS (RX: 70/55, RX2: 55/35)
1 min max rep OHS (RX: 95/65, RX2: 45/35)
1 min max rep box jump (RX: 30/24, RX2: 24/20)
1 min max rep Wall ball (20/14 to 10/9 foot target)
1 min rest

Goal is a lot of reps. If the OHS or box jump is going to slow you down, do RX2. Lots of reps, not lots of standing around.

0% 0%
1st439 Tori Mon,Jul 9,2018
2nd410 Janet Mon,Jul 9,2018
3rd338 Katrisha Mon,Jul 9,2018
1st306 Joe Z Mon,Jul 9,2018
2nd353 2Ron Mon,Jul 9,2018
3rd309 2Jon H Mon,Jul 9,2018

Wes291  Not Rx
Erin M403 Rx2
Steph406 Rx2
Sarah367  Training bar
Richard L307 Rx2
Steve S280 Rx2
Adrienne287 Rx2 Last 2 sets box step ups
Heather247  Not Rx
Diana283  Not Rx
Doug282 Rx2
Kirstin377 Rx2
Ron353 Rx2
Katrisha338 Rx
Dan B392  Sub ohs with sit ups
Alison279  Not Rx
Joe Z306 Rx
Hannah363  Rx2 weights, wbs not to standards
Lauren418 Rx 20# WB
Tammy298 Rx2
Jon H309 Rx2 Started heavier. Got gassedquick
Angie317 Rx
Manny320 Rx2
Tori439 Rx
Janet410 Rx
Darcy311 Rx2
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